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Assetz Marq 2.0 location is on Whitefield Main Road.Assetz Marq 2.0, location on the main route, is very inexpensive for the entire population of this city. Assetz 2.0, location is in Whitefield on the main route. Marq 2.0, rates are very inexpensive for all sectors of the people. The real highways, corporate and social foundations. This 4-block condominiums deliver 2 BHK and 3BBK apartments in relatively coveted neighborhoods. Assetz Marq 2.0 is one of India's leading private and commercial land engineers, the most recent Assetz Property Company. This magnificent country covers 28 sections of the lush countryside. It's a modern mixture of residential , retail and office areas.

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Assetz Marq 2.0 flaunts such an immense leisure complex that we have been able to fit into areas of greenery, recreation fields, walkways and fitness facilities .... Starts the overview. And welcome the with breezes, look at trends, find your way to the green timber or just walk through your own way of thought. A private Assetz property Community is a long-designed 28 portion of the land enclave, in Kannamangala Whitefield, a noticeable and rising area. For its residents, whether a recent practise or an alooo-sening session in the pool, both the most luxurious, different and family-friends 3BHK units give a wide variety of activities amidst beautifully structured courses. Within 10 km of sweep, the IT centre leading in the field.

Marq Phase-2 is one of the most important private property engineers, and the gathering continues. We delegated a more efficient way of living with the high caliber of world-class data. Remember, the everyday needs of each family with homes are perfectly arranged. Whitefield Assetz Marq, They are important to their families and each of their needs will be taken into account in these households. Is very spacious and offers comfort. In the middle of Whitefield, this building has great connexions to all major cities. The house is constructed on 22 Acres of expansive land with 297 G+28 Floors units.

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Whitefield Assetz Marq; Anything which helps make life more enjoyable is living in nature. Only name it. Connect to the landscape and get out of the bustling city or a spot that shows you the real sense of calm.



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  • 823 - 828 sq.ft
  • Vaastu compliant
  • 1366 - 2440 sq.ft
  • Vaastu compliant
  • 2232 - 2266 sq.ft
  • Vaastu compliant

It is situated in Kannamangala on Hoskote-Whitefield 's main lane. It provides the residents with access to work and ties them in real life to other streets and industry and social foundations. Whitefield Technology Centr. But since the international airport was built in the immediate vicinity, Kannamangala is just a small location.Assetzen Group proposes 2 and 3 Room apartments, each with the scheme of making accommodation for the owner of an apartment in Whitefield, Bangalore, with only Rs 4 Lakh charged. The arrangement is unique and can be only used wherever all purchasers are searching for an apartment in Whitefield.

Is an excellent company with international facilities. This offers you benefits and even pleasure beyond imagining. It includes fibres for home control and security, building management systems, communications and transitions, entertainment, and home support. Quality teaching, online tutoring, sports coaching and cutting-edge faculty are offered in Assetz in partnership with the renowned education community. It has shop, fruit, bakery, yoga, bookshop, bookshop, flat, and banks sponsored. This store occupies just one shopping area.

It is the most popular suburban design in the world. The development comprises two hectares of residential space and five hectares of industrial space. In order to ensure good lifestyle for properties, the organisation is committed to rising the standard of life. Assetz provides high quality accommodation at common sites in Bangalore for design, performance and integrity initiatives. The company was founded in 2006 and primarily engages in the development and management of the capital assets of its corporate portfolio, with a secondary focus on infrastructure in Asia. The Assetz marq is a 26 acres premium condiment located in the whitefield kannamangala. The Assetz brand builds developments around the groups of commercial residential and shared properties. In various phases of growth, this business has over 4,500 homes and many others on the pipeline.

The project gives the feel of ultra luxury where it has 4 acres of a park and International School in inside project. The efficiency of a floor plan is almost 72% off carpet area. It is g + 23 structure. The project is designed by shapoorji pallonji and hence known for the brand's reputation for over 40 years. The look and feel is the Uber luxury, since the property is located in the Whitefield, where wealth with worth comes to pass. The project consists of all day to day facilities where clients need advertisements and other specifications from schools in hospitals. As assets is a fund which company where the source of income is from the Logistic also and hence decline can believe and trust the brand for the completion of project. All the assetz ventures in Singapore, where the framework Lifestyle, clubhouse and other facilities are exclusive. Project has International School in the campus. They have a very special water treatment plant with an optimal usage of each decrease of water treatment at 72 percent. The project is split into three stages and is under planning for Phase 1 and Phase 2. The interior of the flat is special like towering glasses to your balconies and a gas package for the door frame work where noise is minimised.

Bangalore remains one of India's most sought-after private property buying targets. It has a heartfelt business base as the IT capital of the country. Persons finding a polished home in the city will see a wide variety of comforts. The private complex was built late and gives the tenants a lot of upgrades. Set your life to one of Bangalore's elegant houses. It is a 22-section area, which was built by the land company with due regard and care. In this private complex, you can buy three and four BHK apartments. In addition, a well-known judgment for landowners was intentionally found in the proximity of the business zones of the area. You can book these properties now if you are glad to buy a condo here.

In Bangalore, demand for quality homes has risen and employees from numerous urban communities are moving into them. Corporate finance professionals are also able to purchase these assets as they will gain amazing returns as leases. This is the perfect moment for finance practitioners and homebuyers in Assetz Marq 2.0 Whitefield to buy a home.

Project 2BHK and 3BHK residential and the penthouses, with a plan whereby a seller of Homes will afford the Rs.4 Lakhs with Only Deposit. After the ownership dates, the remaining balance will be billed. The structure is exclusive and is possible for all buyers who want to own a flat in Whitefield in Bangalore only in this project. Investing in Homes is a key to open your ideal house. These residences are placed within walking distance of information technology firms who are beneficiaries of The professionals. The homes have high-class facilities for a fantastic living apartment. Including a jogging path, a gym, parking lot, a luxury clubhouse, and a children's play area, all at the assets house.

Marq 2 is an impressive organization for worldwide installs. It comes with rewards you predict and with joy beyond your imagination. It has advantages such as Fiber to the Home (FTTH) to track and safe connectivity, building administration, connexion, and service, entertainment, home assistance, etc. The partnership is formed with a respected educational organization to offer premium instruction, online tutoring, sports coaching, and state-of-the-art facilities. The grocery shop, food lane, restaurant, yoga studio, office, book store, and the apartment and the banks are exclusively situated within this shopping district. You're dreaming of living in this way forever.


The original booking balance payable to Four Lakh is changed to the amount of 20 percent payable after the signature of agreements as at the time the agreement was concluded. High levels of the floor provide greater views than lower levels, contributing to increased demands for apartments on higher floors. Therefore, a pre-launch booking is anticipated soon to open for the forthcoming residential apartment construction named Marq for each rise in ground level and subsequently a nominal price increase of Rs 15 /-per sqft for floor level. Marq 2.0 prelaunch land will sell some 2500 apartments in a blended improvement company located in Kannamangala, Whitefield -Kadugodi – Hoskote Lane, over 28 parts of the land. Bookings for phase 1 of 450 units will be open as of June 9, 2014.

Marq is on the main road to Hoskote in Bangalore, in Kannamangala. The residences have convenient access to many primary destinations. It's just a 3 km drive away from Old Madras Road and it's easy to drive downtown (22 kilometers) and close to Bangalore's technology center. The airport is just 30 km. It is a convenient drive from the Hoskote Main Road towards the Whitefield, one of the most popular places in the city of Bangalore mostly for the IT specialist. For the multi-national information technology firms, it was a big part of Greater Bangalore.

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