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Contact Assetz Marq 2.0, for more info on latest and updated price, cost sheet, brochure, Master Plan, Floor Plans, Phone Number, Site Vist. The contact information on the Main Street of Whitefield is on the web of Kannamangala. Asetz marq.

Located just 10 minutes drive from ITPL, close to the Bangalore IT epicenter. Marq 2.0 is the ultimate cure for your job, covered in greenery and any form of facilities. Remember, there's more than tweets and updates to social life.

Marq 2 is one of the most exciting emerging residential projects in Bangalore, Kannamangala. In both the national and foreign infrastructure market, the developers are well known. Spacious apartments with plenty of new amenities were promised by the developers. One of the most significant aspects of this suburban complex is open fields for outdoor activity and greenery all around.

Community located in Whitefield, spread over 22 acres. The apartments are charged with 3 and 4BHK facilities. The parks occupy about 4 acres and have a lovely landscaped garden and walk from the central park. The parks are devoted.

Its central position guarantees convenient access to numerous IT parks, schools, hospitals, and shops. The new metro station is only 3 km from the project and just a 45-minute drive away is the international airport. Boasts 38,000 square metres. Ft. clubhouse with lots of conveniences and smooth service. These include a barbecue area, lecture space, a space for cards, a lounge, for example. This isn't everything. The city has its own school and groceries to keep you from this green spot. It is also a sustainable initiative, from rainwater capture to solid waste disposal to energy efficiency.

In Bangalore, there has been a surge in demand for high-quality homes and residents from many urban areas. Specialists in corporate finance will also buy this commodity when they earn excellent returns when rentals. This is the best opportunity for homeowners and professionals to purchase a home. Demand for high-quality homes and people from many urban areas has risen in Bangalore. Corporate finance professionals can also purchase this device if they make excellent rentals. Homeowners and specialists are better willing to buy a home.

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SyNo: 159/1, 159/2, 160/1 Kannamangala Village, Whitefield - Hoskote Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560067